PhD in Physiology

September 2018-present

Collaborative Specialization in Neuroscience

cGPA: 4.0/4.0

PhD Thesis

Topic: Role of caltubin in long-term memory formation

Supervisor: Dr. Zhong-Ping Feng

Skills acquired:

  • Western blot
  • RT-PCR
  • Coimmunoprecipitation and affinity pulldown
  • Intracellular and patch clamp recordings
  • Data science in R, Python
  • Transcriptome analysis
Director of Physiology Mentorship Program (PhysioMP)

September 2020-present

  • Direct CCR-eligible mentorship program (120 students) for undergraduate and graduate students in Physiology
  • Perform mentor/mentee matching and assist program members in receiving CCR credit for involvement
Coordinator of NeuroSci101

September 2018-present

  • Organize guest lectures for a high school outreach neuroscience course, providing logistical support, feedback, and technical troubleshooting to lecturers

Advanced Topics: Critical Assessment of Ion Channel Function

Advanced Topics: Experimental Cell Physiology

Fundamental Ion Channel Function

BSc (Honours) in Integrated Science


Concentration in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour

Minor in Biology

cGPA: 3.8/4.0

Honours Thesis

September 2017 - April 2018

Topic: The effects of microbiota on the differentiation of enteric neural crest-derived cells

Supervisor: Dr. Elyanne M. Ratcliffe

  • Utilized magnetic-activated cell sorting to isolate enteric neural crest-derived cells (ENCDCs) from the guts of specific pathogen-free fetal mice
  • ENCDCs were then exposed to molecules produced by microbiota to promote differentiation into mature neurons, after which immunocytochemistry was used to determine the neurotransmitter phenotype, proliferation, and apoptosis of differentiated neurons
  • Exposure to most microbial products resulted in a significant decrease in apoptotic neurons, increase in proliferating neurons, and increase in proportion of serotonergic neurons, concentration-dependently
  • Research was published in Physiological Reports in 2020
  • Skills acquired:

    • Whole mount immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry
    • Primary cell culture
    • Fluorescent microscopy
    Independent Project

    January - April 2017

    Topic: Effects of environmental enrichment on synaptic protein expression in the rat somatosensory cortex

    Supervisor: Dr. Kathryn Murphy

    • Quantified and analyzed western blot data of various synaptic proteins in environmentally enriched rat somatosensory cortex
    Individual Lab Study

    May - August 2016

    Supervisor: Dr. Deda Gillepsie

    • Examined the developmental expression of two synaptic proteins using immunohistochemistry
    • Learned to perfuse, slice, stain, and image adolescent and neonatal rat brain tissue
    Vocal Director for McMaster Science Musical

    2016 - 2018

    • Taught a cast of 30 songs and vocal techniques at weekly 3-hour long practices
    • Produced vocal arrangements for songs featured in the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 McMaster Faculty of Science Musicals

    Structure and Function of the Synapse

    Neurobiology of Disease


    Neural Circuits

    Inferential Statistics

    Cell Physiology